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    Getting approved is easy! Simply click the orange "Apply Now" button above and you will be transferred to Desert Springs Mortgage & Financial Services, LLC website.

    1. 1. At Desert Springs, click on the "Apply Now" button (exactly like the one above).
    2. 2. On the next screen hover your mouse pointer over "Loan Center" and a drop-down menu will appear.
    3. 3. Click on "Apply Now" from the drop-down menu.
    4. 4. If this is your first visit to Desert Springs Financial, create your new account.

    5. 5. Complete and submit your application online.


    Once submitted it will come directly to me for import into our system. At that time I will call you to follow up and review all of the information you sent in your application. Thank you for your interest and I look forward to working with you on the financing of your home.

    Also, please be sure to select my name in the loan originators drop down box and to click on the box authorizing a check of your credit.

    The following is a list of documents you will want to begin gathering as they will be needed when you get ready to make a decision.



    Social Security Card


    Driver license or government ID


    Last 2 years W2’s


    Last 2 years tax returns

    Complete with all schedules

    Current 30 days paystubs


    Retirement income

    Copies of social security, pension, and/or retirement award letters &  corresponding 1099s

    Retirement 2 months statements

     If applicable

    2 years 1099s

    Non-W2 income such as self-employed, rentals, etc.

    Last 2 months bank statements

    Checking/savings showing funds to cover down payment and three months payments

    Insurance agent

    Contact information (I can provide insurance if you wish)

    Mortgage Coupon

    If refinancing

    HOA coupon

    If refinancing

    Divorce decree

    If applicable

    Child Support

    If applicable


    If applicable


    If required (Letters Of Explanation) for any items

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